Review: Brother Marcus, Balham

Out Of Office Magazine reviews Brother Marcus, a cool cafe bar in Balham offering up tasty brunches, small plates, coffees and cocktails 
In the south of metropolis London, we find quaint brunch, lunch and cocktail café Brother Marcus. Located in Balham it’s just a short walk from the station and easily identifiable with the chalkboard black exterior and white stamped name.

Upon entering you are immediately submerged into a rustic warehouse feel.  You may switch off at this moment as, like us, you may agree that this style is often overused at present in many coffee shops.  But, bear with me…

Unlike many chains, Brother Marcus has created an authentic rustic feel. Each piece of furniture appears to have been hand selected by the brothers to outfit their small enterprise and it’s not one bit pretentious.

Greeted by the smiling waitress we were shown to our table. To start, a soy latte and the highly recommended cappuccino. Proper Italian coffee served at a just hot enough temperature, so all notes of bitterness are avoided.

For the main courses we chose the Sister Special and a Marcus Breakfast. The former, a delightful combination of crispy bacon and perfectly poached eggs with spinach, watercress and avocado ‒ all served on a slice of toast. The latter, pork belly crispy and tender in all the right places with a small side of greens, served on a pitta.

After eating, we were relayed the story of how they started ‒ two brothers (aptly enough) came together to provide a space for the young and old to drink good coffee, eat tasty food and chat.  A quick tour of the place shows that they have plans with a good sized outdoor area as well.

What? A casual coffee shop selling great coffee and well crafted food in South London.

Why choose Brother Marcus? Perfect for a catch-up or low intensity meeting with a client or supplier, or for a small team meal. Keep an eye out for special events in their garden during the summer!

Cost: £

 9 Chestnut Grove, SW12 8JA


Review: Ca’puccino, King’s Road, London


Out Of Office Magazine reviews Ca’puccino, a charming coffee house and kitchen located near Sloane Square 

The concept of Ca’puccino was born in Italy and it shows. The coffee house and kitchen offers locally sourced Italian food and drinks in great chic locations.

Owner and creator Giacomo Moncalvo has crafted a great brand and its success has spread, with 10 locations across Italy and five in London.

We tried out the King’s Road branch located a stones throw away from Sloane Square tube station. Most of what is on offer comes straight from Italy, so many of the food is not available anywhere else in London. But the small, yet growing chain, is eco-conscious and will source what they can locally – like meat.

We let the manager lead us through the menu and he started us off with the Italian afternoon tea which featured sweet and savoury canapé-style bites with Italian fizz and flower tea. Then a cold tuna salad accompanied with a glass of dry rosé, followed by green pesto pasta with pine nuts and parmesan with a full bodied red to wash it all done. To finish the meal we sampled some of their specially brewed coffee and were keen to buy a bag to bring home.

What? A charming and authentic coffee house and kitchen, with a wide variety of locations to choose from – and we certainly expect to see more opening up very soon.

Why Choose Ca’puccino? It has the relaxing atmosphere of a Café but the elegance and quality food of a five star restaurant. Perfect for a quick coffee or a longer appointment.


138a King’s Road SW3 4XB

0207 0360 555