Introducing… portable scanning


With more of us working outside of the office environment than ever before, Laura Hinton was excited to be invited to the launch of a new portable scanning product from Fujitsu 

We knew Fujitsu were expecting big things from their new Portable ScanSnap iX100 when we received the invite for the launch which was held in the height of luxury at the Shangri-La Hotel, contained within London’s iconic Shard skyscraper.

On the night itself we were lucky enough to enjoy the panoramic views of London Bridge and Canary Wharf while learning about the tiny and reliable scanner which is set to enhance the efficiency of the mobile workforce.


Klaus Schulz, Manager Product Marketing EMEA at PFU Imaging Solutions, explained how the new portable scanner is in fact the lightest and fastest made to date.

Not only that it comes equipped with built-in wi-fi and can scan directly to mobile devices and to your PC. Perfect for those on the go, the device is slimline so would easily fit in a small bag, and can work on an office desk, in a copy shop or at a hotel reception.

And with the contact free scanner users do not have to fuss around with a scanner lid or spend time searching for the scan function. Nor do they have to wait around until the device boots up; it takes just three seconds to be ready to go to work.

Indeed, while the canapés were being served and the champagne poured, a number of guests tested the product and it was shown to handle a variety of documents incredibly well, proving, that perhaps the quality of this portable scanner is one of the best so far.


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